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Christina is a Digital Media Specialist with a year of professional experience. Although she has a skill set that covers photography, video, graphic design, and web, she specializes in design. She is well versed in software including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, DreamWeaver, and Final Cut. Her most recent clients were EMERGE and the Brampton Beast Hockey Club. There, she was responsible for providing Art Direction as well as other digital media products including print and web advertising, video teasers and photography. She has also consulted on logo production for TPA Sports and In Kix We Trust.
Project: Brampton Beast Hockey Club

Role: Digital Media Executive

Software Used:

Positive Outcomes:


Projects by this Artist

Brampton Beast Hockey Club
Assets: 15

Brampton Beast Hockey Club 2
Assets: 8

EMERGE Mini Magazine 2015
Assets: 9

Personal Work
Assets: 15

Black Light Sneaker Shoot
Assets: 5

Assets: 6

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